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All new Higher! Blog to share with you everything that is happening here at Say Hello To Longer Legs.

Hi everyone! We are very excited to launch our blog. Here you will be able to follow the brand and see all the exciting things that go on in our offices. From new locations where we are sold, to new articles featuring us, and even office behind-the-scenes, you will see Say Hello To Longer Legs through a new angle.

Here is a bit more information on the brand that you may not know. The brand was founded by three friends (two Frenchies and an Aussie) coming from the fashion and beauty industries, almost a year ago in New York’s Lower East Side. They created the Invisible Heels, which are designed to give you longer legs, a slimmer figure, lift you butt and make you taller. They’ve quickly become the celebrity and fashion stylists’ best-kept secret!

How they work is very simple: you just slip them into your shoes and ABRACADABRA!  Our customers have reported experiencing feelings of happiness, confidence and sexiness. This is perfectly normal – it’s one of the side effects of being taller!

Today, we are distributed in some of Europe’s best stores: Galeries Lafayette, Merci and Le66 Champs Elysees in Paris, Quartier 206 in Berlin, Be House in Barcelona, Kicks in Sweden, and another 350 locations throughout Europe, as well as about 50 locations in Asia. In the U.S., you can find us at ULTA Beauty locations, as well as on

Now you know a little bit more about us! Check back for more!




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