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Annabelle x Invisible Heels

Annabelle, German fashion and beauty blog, tried the Invisible Heels and approves! Of course, women love the effects of wearing heels- feeling more confident and gaining a few inches is always a good thing! But on a daily basis, they aren’t always our first choice. and Annabelle thinks Invisible Heels is a great way to combine both!

Follow the link to read the article, or read below a translation of the text!össer-invisible-heels-41102

“The insoles of the American label ” Say Hello to longer Legs ” promises an additional four centimeters of body size. We have tested the Invisible Heels.

Highheels not only look chicly, they also care for a more elegant attitude and a taller appearance. However, about a long day away they can also tire the legs or cause pain. In the mornings, therefore, my shoe choice falls mostly on the flat Meter. To be able to combine the comfort aspects of my pleasant shoes with the advantages of Highheels, I have tried out a new, extremely practical Accessoire. 

The New York fire ” Say Hello to longer Legs ” promises four meter high special inserts, exactly the dream combination. The Invisible Heels instantly make us taller in our flat shoes.

With the test, it becomes clear: This does not go with every shoe! First of all, with a high instep, shoes which reach up to the ankle are preferable. The fact is called: the models which do not lie too closely in the foot back. If the soles fit, however, the memory foam and particularly light inserts are quite comfortable and do actually make you taller.”

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