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InStyle Hungary

The Invisible Heels have arrived in Hungary!

The fashion magazine, InStyle in Hungary featured the Invisible Heels this week! Defending Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine’s opinions and thoughts about the Invisible Heels.

See the article for yourself below:

And the translation here:

We love high heels because it gives you a sleeker hold, adore, because they seem to be longer than the feet of him, but think twice as to when and where it is taken up, as it is not very elegant kacsázni the street. There is an interim solution for low-girls, or remain the eternal áhítozás after the model Virgács? Now, listen up!

The new and highly creative solution Leandra Medine report drew attention. A few weeks ago a special package landed in front of the journalist threshold, which found four cylinder cushioned, wearing the inscription: Greet the longer your legs! In the box and it was a super heel cushions, which almost any enclosed shoes to use, and provides four inches in the legs. Huge invention, why do not we come to mind?





And that’s the trick! Leandra, of course, tried the gift and was very pleased with it. True, it is only about 4 cents, but that’s enough to be more feminine posture and shape, not to mention that the podiatrists specifically considered healthy dwarf-heeled shoes. The only problem is that most of these shoes are not managed belopnia into our hearts, but this sarokemelővel everything could change. This is the best thing that happened to the girls since the low wedge sneaker! The turpisságból nothing noticeable, as very discreet and invisible, filter out pictures of Leandra?

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