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Courrier de l’Atlas

The Invisible Heels strike again!

Another great feature in the Courrier de l’Atlas Magazine! As part of the ” We have tested” article, the Invisible Heels successfully passed the test!

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The Soles That Make You Taller

Win a few centimeters without anyone knowing and without the pain of stiletto heels? Yes, it’s possible! The New York brand Say Hello To Longer Legs offers shoe inserts that instantly make you taller. Magic!

For Who: those allergic to heels and other stilettos who want to be taller without having to be perched on uncomfortable heels.

The Concept: Whether we want to win 2, 4 or 5 cm, three models are available. Simply slide the insert in your shoes and abracadabra we got taller! We can chase behind the bus or subway, walk for a long time without any discomfort ou difficulty. Made of ultra-light memory foam, you quickly forget they are even there.

The sine qua non condition: slide them into your shoes such as ankle boots, high boots, sneakers or other high top shoe. Of course it is not possible to use them while wearing scandales. The 2 cm heels can be worn with lower sneakers.

The verdict: slender figure 1, pain 0.

The price: 25 euros (24 dollars)…which is quickly paid off as we can use them with almost all of our¬†closed shoes.

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