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Schnäeppchenfee X Invisible Heels

Say Hello to longer Legs Finally long legs – cheat up to 3.8 cm greater with the insoles!

German fashion, Lifestyle and beauty platform Schnäeppchenfee has found a way to cheat your way to long legs thanks to the Invisible Heels.

As women, we do a lot to have those perfect pins to show off: gym, squats, running and much more. The Schnäeppchenfee gives your their thought on the Invisible Heels which allow you to get those longer legs, instantly!

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See the translated article below:

“Long legs are a godsend , which not every woman was blessed with. For slim, firm legs we already actually do quite a lot: go jogging, squat, creams and massage regularly. But even with fitness workouts or beauty creams our legs are not longer. In this, long legs look mega sexy and many stylish fashion pieces look much better than when on short legs. But do not worry, because there is great news – the “Say Hello to longer Legs – Invisible heels” – insoles can help you cheat your way to longer legs by either 2.2 cm (3/4″) or even 3.8 cm (1.5″). HOW CRAZY, right? For just $24 you can look great  and have long legs by magic!  :)


The sole is made ​​of a wonderfully soft Memory foam, and your heel adapts ideally and cushions every step. A breathable upper layer also provides a comfortable fit – you will have a perfect transition, even in sneakers! The sole is specially for any boot size, above the ankle and can also be placed in any shoe. Whether you choose 2.2 cm or 3.8 cm,  is entirely up to you! Longer and great legs are starting today no more than a wish – you can watch it very quickly even “insert”:)

And what do you think of the insoles ?:)

All the best, your Schnäppchenfee”

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