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ELLE España X Invisible Heels

5 cm taller…with no heels!

ELLE Spain has featured the Invisible Heels this morning in a new article. We all want to be taller, but we don’t always want to wear high heels or wedges. We have the solution, the Invisible Heels!

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Comes the ultimate trick to gain height without wearing heels or wedges

Abracadabra! The dream of being taller without wearing either heels or wedges finally came true. Neither medical revolutions nor miraculous remedies, the trick that already ‘popularized’  by Tom Cruise and Sarkozy turns cool. The insoles, which are interior heel wedges promises to be your salvation for your better looks in sneakers and booties.

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It seems that finally our prayers have been answered. We would like to be a bit taller, but not have to wear heels- the best news comes to us: after triumphing in the United States, finally the Invisible Heels to gain height are in Spain.

In full madness of wearing sneakers with everything, wether to be casual or fancy, undoubtedly this one looks to us as the best option.

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This consists of a heel which is simply put under your heel and adapts to the foot being on it over time, this way it is not obvious. Everything depends on the height that you want to gain, as it goes from 2 to 5 centimeters. The product takes the already suggestive name of ‘ Say hello to longer legs ‘  and is distributed in Spain.

Obviously in the United States it is no longer a secret and whoever tries it will assure that the sensation is like walking in a medium wedge, without the others noticing it.”

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